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Meet the Team

Every JCDS teacher  is highly qualified, loves being a teacher, and is dedicated to ensuring an ongoing expansive continuum of learning for each student.  JCDS teachers

are committed to lifelong professional growth, with continuing education coursework, feedback, and collaboration designed to expand instructional effectiveness and maximize student learning.

Day School Faculty

Oscar J. Tolmas

Head of School Chair

Dr. Brad Philipson

Pre.K/Kindergarten Teacher

Judy Fried

5th/6th Teacher

Eliza Kase

3rd/4th Teacher

Liz Amoss

Pre.K/Kindergarten Asst. Teacher

Carol Garcia

1st/2nd Teacher

Maggie Madere

1st/2nd Teacher

Sara Bellick

Hebrew Teacher


Hemda Hochman

Art Teacher


Abby Wetsman

Library Studies/Jewish Studies

Toby David

Physical Education


"Coach PJ" Jones

School Counselor


Margaret Winston, LPC

Green Preschool Faculty

Green Preschool Teacher

Leylah Cagle

Green Preschool Teacher

Molly Garcia

Green Preschool Teacher

Morah "Teacher"

Head of Green Preschool

Avery Loss

Green Preschool Advisor

Camille Greenberg

Green Preschool Teacher

Kei'yaira Patterson

Green Preschool Teacher

Ashley Wood

Nitzanim Teacher

Anna Fesmire

Enrichment Teachers



Paula Apffel

School Rabbi

Rabbi Michael Cohen

Enrichment Teacher and Assistant Administrator


Chelsea Robertson


Lauren Gisclair


Director of Institutional Advancement

Tiffany Cotlar

Administration Support

Lauren Gisclair

Director of Admissions

Chrissy Hardy

Business Manager

Janna Jackson