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Parent Association 

July 2020-June 2021

Parents Association


Lauren Gerber


Kim Glass

Vice President

Adam Miller


Elena Penn


Josefina Mendez-Rosa

Events/ Programming Chair

Aaron Croy

Amanda Glinky

Green Preschool Liaisons

Mission Statement

The JCDS Parents Association works to enhance the JCDS educational experience and support the goals of the school by engaging and empowering all families through meaningful and relevant activities and projects that foster community spirit and create a vibrant learning environment rooted in Jewish values.


The goals of the PA include:​

  • Fostering a sense of community through the school

  • Encouraging and promoting volunteerism

  • Welcoming new families to our community

  • Providing a forum for an exchange of ideas among parents, faculty, and administrators

  • Supporting and enriching JCDS educational programs

  • Raising funds

  • Creating a vibrant learning environment grounded in Jewish values

Parents as Ambassadors

Our families are our star recruiters! Word-of-mouth between parents is the best way to promote JCDS.  Learn to share your JCDS stories and about our “basket of language.”

​Parents Association meetings will be held regularly, dates and locations to be announced.    

There are so many ways to support our school!

We've sold chocolate, coffee, wrapping paper, lemonade, and 3D printed items.  Maybe you have the next great idea to support JCDS!