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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Jewish Community Day School (JCDS) is to instill a love of learning invigorated by academic excellence. JCDS is grounded in Jewish tradition, fostering spirituality (emunah), dedication to repair our world (tikkun olam), and commitment to the entire Jewish people (k’lal Yisrael). JCDS is a nurturing school where families of all backgrounds are welcomed and children are prepared to be engaged compassionate leaders.


At JCDS we ensure that:

  • Students become inquiring, capable youth who are passionate lifelong learners.

  • Teachers are dedicated to best educational practices.

  • Families are engaged in their children’s academic achievement and holistic development.

  • Ethics and morals of our students are nurtured through commitment to Jewish values.

  • Positive connections to the language, land, culture and people of the State of Israel are created.

  • Children are primed for full participation in our global society.